Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stats and Probability part 2

I found two more apps that also work to help reinforce student learning  for probability and stats. The free apps are also from bettermarks  and rightly called data 1 and data 2

The data 1 app covers collecting data and creating diagrams, representing data as percentages and analyzing data in diagrams.  The last section specifically covers median, mean, range,  reading and comparing the median from graphs and charts and comparing and interpreting graphs and charts.  All skills that my students are tested on. 
As with the fraction apps, students can bring up a hint, read up on it or ask for the solutions.

The data 2 app covers basic terminology, rules of operation, Laplace experiments, frequency and probabilities.  Honestly, most of my students do not need the Laplace or frequency sections but they are there just incase they are ever needed.  I enjoy the basic terminology section because it has the student use the vocabulary rather than just defining the vocabulary.  I played with it a bit and discovered that if a student does not get the correct answer after two attempts, it gives the correct answer and provides an explanation. 

Although both apps are set up to administer questions t, the student can read a textbook entry before actually  attempting any questions and as mentioned before a student has two tries to get the correct answer before the explanation immediately pops up. 
The big thing I need to work on is getting the students to read any and all feedback they get when they work with any activity that provides instant feed back.  While writing this, I got to thinking about using Book Creator to haves students create a book on probability to teach others on the topic.  This further step might just help students retain what they learn better.  

There will be a part three on stats and probability in a couple days.