Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Project Based Learning

I have been toying with ideas for projects in my classroom that will require students to create and produce projects in Math.
I already have them create cartoons to solve word problems but I realized last night I could have the students use the cartoons to instruct people in learning to do a certain process in math.  There are at least two books on Amazon that use cartoons to teach algebra.  Currently, I have them use Zoodle Comic as it allows them to spend more time on creating the actual comic strip then worrying about drawing things.  
Since I joined a Stop-Motion in Education google group, I've been playing with ideas for using stop motion to create a project.  I've thought of things like using numbers, variables and operations, made out of play dough and then filmed so the terms move around and show how something is solved.  Then add a voice over to it and perhaps add background music.  Or maybe use small decorated rectangles that move around a step at a time with a Gumby like creature on the side explaining.
Of course, I am thinking of ways to integrate a green screen into this too.  Perhaps I can have students utilize the green screen to shoot a "reporter" in front of a video that shows something mathematical such as the octane of gas and how its found?  Or basketball stats for the local basketball team?  Perhaps even create a rap on something like order of operations,  types of slope, etc.
Maybe even take all of these to create a math book over the year.  Have them use iBook Author to create an interactive book with the videos, comic strips, raps, etc so they have  a portfolio to show the growth in their work. 
I found a nice app that sort of uses comics and cartoons to teach with.  I hope to review it tomorrow.