Monday, April 27, 2015

MAC Algebra app

iPhone Screenshot 1      iPhone Screenshot 2

I stumbled across the free MAC algebra app one morning while looking for new apps to try out in next year's class.  It is quite different from most other math apps I've run across because its kind of an all  in one app designed specifically for the math classroom.  When you open it up, there are 5 different tabs across the bottom.
The first tab is where you find many of the formulas used in the algebra class.  Discriminant, slope intercept, logs. quadratic in vertex form, just about any formulas you would need for your algebra class.
The second tab is called symbols.  It is like a dictionary of symbols you are most likely to come across.  It has the symbol, has how it is read and what it means.  Makes for a quick reference.    The third tab is a standard calculator while the fourth and fifth tabs are the features that set this app apart.
iPhone Screenshot 4              iPhone Screenshot 5  The fourth tab allows you to create notes right in the app with the reference materials They are typed notes while the fifth tab is the planner which allows the student a chance to plan how and when to study. 
The only issue I have about the note taking is that if you do not have a keyboard and are not an expert texter, you might have trouble taking notes during class. Personally, I would use this to transcribe notes later on after class.