Thursday, April 2, 2015

App smashing

I ran across this blog article on app smashing the other day.  I love the flow chart that shows how to combine a variety of apps to create a final project.  Honestly I don't know enough about combining various apps to produce a movie.  He both explains it and shows the workflow so I know which apps were used for what part of the project.  The author even gives a link to another place that explains appsmashing and what to look for in apps to do this.  This is awesome because it gives me a starting point on planning a similar activity in my classroom.  The last week of school, I never am able to do much teaching so I think I may try this with my students. 
Off hand I think I could have students create:
movies on one topic covered during the year as a final test for class.
a book covering a topic.
maybe an instructional presentation.
hmmmmm, lots of possibilities.

 I wonder if I could create a movie using various apps in this manner first so I can show them.  Perhaps even include the video in an iBook I make.  Now I have a summer project to work on for next year.  This type of activity could be integrated into the unit for credit.  I am looking at turning my classroom into a multiplayer classroom and this would fit perfectly into the schema of things as a group project for experience points.  I think I could even include a menu of choices so they can both individually and collaboratively decide how to attain the experience points to advance up the ladder. 
Love the idea.  I need to go write it down and put it in my note book for next years plans.
I am reading a book on creating a multiplayer classroom by Lee Sheldon.  So far, i really like what I've read and I can see ways to implement it.  I will talk about this book tomorrow.