Monday, April 13, 2015

Basic Fraction

iPad Screenshot 2

I came across this free app called Basic Fraction.Although it is listed as 12 and under, I can see using in a middle school or high school class to re-mediate or scaffold learning.

iPhone Screenshot 3If you notice it offers several different  ways to learn fractions. I like the find x because there is a fraction equation and the student is required to find the missing value to make the statement. 

You have a choice of working on only addition, subtraction, multiplication, division problems so a student can focus on the area they struggle in or you can have them do random which will mix problems.

The word allows someone to type in several words  and then you get a wheel of fortune type board with the words.  In order to uncover the letters, the student has to answer problems correctly.

Each problem is done on a chalkboard and you can use your fingers to do the work.  I plan to add this to my list of apps for next year.  I usually have Pre-algebra students who struggle with fractions.  I see this as a fun way for them to improve.