Thursday, April 30, 2015

Final Geomety Project.

This year I took a step towards project based learning in my geometry class. Due to the end of the year sneaking up, I ran out of time and still need to cover quadrilaterals.  Being desperate, I decided to have students create a project, instead of a final.   I gave the students a couple of worksheets to "discover" each quadrilateral's characteristics.  Now the students are researching area, perimeter, diagonals and the characteristics of the square, rectangle, trapezoid, isosceles trapezoid, kite, rhombus, and a parallelogram.

Next week, they will have 4 days to actually write it up  and put the presentation together. They will have the choice of using Book Creator, inkflow, a movie app, zoodle comic a slide presentation app or any of the other apps on the ipad.

Tomorrow and Monday they will plan their actual presentation and how it will be done.  I will pass out the rubric, and the check list.  The rubric is so they know what I expect and the checklist is for them so they do not forget anything.

They are griping but this gets them out of a final. .  They keep wanting me to give them the information and they think I am cheap because I require them to look up the information in the book.  I've told them the information has to be correct.  I will take points off if it does not meet the rubric I give them.

If you have an ideas for improving this project, please put it in the comments section.  I am open to suggestions.