Friday, May 1, 2015

Planning for next year.

I am already planning for next year.  I have so much in mind to do but the biggest thing I hope to do is to turn my classroom into a multiplayer classroom.  I hope it gives my students more motivation to work in class.  They tend to shut down as soon as they perceive a task to be way too hard.  Their mantra is "Its too hard".

I want to create flipbooks and videos for my students to use during and after class. My students love videos more than they like to hear me talk so I hope to create and to find videos to integrate more often in my classroom.  I plan to use a combination of a couple different apps including the one that allows you to be the  "star" of your own "TV" show, one that uses stop motion and perhaps an pod cast.

I began a comic on the comic maker HD.  The issues that comes out right away with that app uses boxes that overlap, making it harder to use it.  The dialog boxes are awkward but I think with a bit of practice, it will be easier.  I hope to finish the comic over the weekend so I can post the results.

I want to post the work on line so they can check for assignments while they are gone or absent.  I'd like to do a bit more towards a paperless classroom but that might be hard as our school seems to be rather slow at setting up things and having a wide enough bandwidth.  I need to think on how I want students to show their work and turn it in paperless.

I want to create several nearpod presentations to use in the classroom.  It makes it so students are involved in the lesson especially if it has quizzes, questions, etc involved in the presentation. 

I have already begun rewriting the syllabus so that I can post it on my wiki for the students.

In between this, I am trying to create interactive books for class.  So far, I have several started but none finished.

So much to do and not enough time.