Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Solving one step equation video from keynote

Yesterday, I shared a "writing prompt" I created to use with students as a way of checking where they are in solving one step problems.  Today I have the video that I made and would follow the writing prompt from yesterday.

Again I used Keynote to create it.  I chose to use stars instead of X's to show the process is the same. I have one I could have posted with X's.

These are the steps.
1. Bring up Keynote.
2. Create the title page
3. Type in the equation.
4. Duplicate the slide and add the next step.
5. Repeat step 4 until its all done.
6. Automate transitions but do not put any fancy transitions in it.
7. Record the sound
8. Export as a video.

I've been playing with things like this so I can model what can be done in math with various programs.  They've had basic computers but they still have trouble figuring out how to keynote to create something like this.