Monday, May 18, 2015

Flipping the classroom

Backflip, Parkour, Parkouring, Back FlipI've often thought of flipping my classroom but I was not sure how to handle the students who did not have access to the internet at home or after school hours.  Today, thanks to Josh Fisher, I read a lovely blog post by Scott Haselwood on EdSurge  what to do for students who do not have internet at home.  I finally have direction, a way to flip my classroom so my students can have access to any video's I create or assign. 

At school, each teacher has a wiki to post anything relating to classes.  I do not believe any one has taken advantage of this due to the labor required to post everything. After reading this article, I am having second thoughts because this would be the perfect place to post the narrated stop motion videos I plan to create.

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I don't have to record myself presenting a 15 to 40 min video giving the whole lesson.  I could create multiple short videos that introduce or  review material as necessary.  I could even create hollywood style epics with sound effects that last maybe 3 or 4 mins.

Then I could simply place the video on the wiki to download if they desire and have the capability to do so, otherwise, they can stay after school, grab an ipad and view it before heading home to study.

The idea sounds really great. The blog entry did state it would be some work to do it so it looks like I"ll be doing a lot of prep this summer.