Sunday, May 24, 2015


Algebalance is a cute little app by David Collins designed to help students learn to balance equations using little aliens and weights rather than using variables and constants.  The idea behind the app is that you balance the creature with the weight to send the alien home.

The aliens are always small but in different shapes and colors.  As the student hits a new situation, the professor gives hints on how to solve the problem.  Then you remove weight from either side or move the creature to the other side so you have a balanced equation.

This is an app that helps students practice the process of solving one, two and multi-step equations in a fun way.  The pictures you see here are from level 10 out of 25 levels.

The first level actually sets up the scenario and introduces you to the Vumble (the alien) and the concept of balancing by providing balanced equations.  As the student progresses through the levels, the student begins to move things around to balance the equation and the requirements get more complex.

This is an app, I plan to utilize with my pre-algebra and algebra students next year.  It will introduce the process to my pre-algebra students and help scaffold my lower performing algebra one students.