Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Posters and other ways to grap student attention

I was reading something today about making the class hour into things that are short bits so we don't loose a students attention.  So I did some playing around with Keynote and created this problem I could import into my Smartboard presentation.

This has a visual to catch their interest with the problem at the bottom.  I created the slide and simply exported it as an image when I was finished.  I think the students might find this way a bit more appealing than straight words.

I wondered about other things I could do to engage student interest so they want to work.  The video  was created using Keynote and exported as a quicktime movie.  I plan to use this as a "writing" prompt.

I could import this short video into my Smartboard presentation and show it to the students just before I have them do a writing assignment.  I've tried regular prompts but my students have problems writing using a prompt on the board.  I'm hoping that something like this will inspire them to write.

Let me know what you think.  Tomorrow I'll be including another quick-time video that I did on solving one-step equations and uses the equation from this prompt.