Friday, May 15, 2015

Math pirates- fractions

I found a couple apps called Math Pirates that have a free and a lite version.  There is a minor difference between these two free versions.

The free version allows access to all four areas but you are limited to no more than 5 questions per day.  The lite version requires the player to do simple fractions first.
 Once the student has correctly answered 5 questions, they are moved to equivalent fractions to work on answering another 5 questions.  Then its on to comparing fractions and finally adding fractions.

As each section is finished, the pirate ship sails to the next one.  Each activity uses the pirates either on land or in a boat and you must complete the activity properly for the pirate to complete the action.  For instance, in equivalent fractions, you must select the equivalent fraction so the bridge works and the pirate can walk across.

What I like is that it is very active using pirates and pizza or weights.   The picture to the left from the  comparing fractions section, medium level.  Notice they have two pirates sitting on a teeter - totter.  One has a melon and you select the watermelon to help the other pirate weigh more.

The section on simple fractions uses a pizza and dividing it between pirates on land and pirates in a boat.  I actually find it kind of cute.

I would say these apps would be good for upper elementary all the way to high school for students who need additional scaffolding in fractions.  You can get the full version of this app if you pay for it but I think the free and lite versions are fun if you want students to do some practice every day.

I chose a sophomore from my geometry class to try both apps to get her opinion. She spent about 20 min on it and said it was a good app.  It was because of her playing with the app that I figured out you had to complete a certain number of problems before you could "unlock" the next activity.

I also had a pre-algebra student work with it and he gave a thumbs up on  it.  He wants to use it next year.