Wednesday, May 20, 2015

smart pirates or fractions into decimals

This app is done by the same people who made the pirates app I reviewed earlier.  This one focuses on students learning to equate fractions with percents.  As with the earlier one, there are two free apps, one if the free and the other is the lite.

This entry looks at the lite one.  As before there are four areas of practice.   The first is fractions as a percent, followed by equivalent fractions and percents, then comparing fractions to percents and finally finding the whole when given a percent.

There are three levels to choose from. The easy level has students changing basic  fractions into decimals such as 1/2 = 50%.  A student is required to get 5 questions correct before being allowed to move on to the next area.

Once a student has completed a level, they start fractions as a percent at the next level. 

If they miss a problem, something happens so they cannot go back to the problem to change their answer and a new problem appears so they can try again.  I believe my struggling students will enjoy this one as much as the young man enjoyed the other app.