Thursday, May 7, 2015

mini posters

Over the past couple of years, I have downloaded and tried various apps to see what they did, how they worked and if they would be good for the class.   Last night, while watching the two towers, I wondered if I could produce things using two or more apps.  Things like posters or assignments?

So last night, I created a couple different posters using SAS Gloss and Zoodle Comics.  I wondered if I could do something like this so I played a bit.
The first mini poster is about rectangles and would be the first in a series or in a comic strip.  I used SAS gloss to create the rectangle drawing and title.  Then I took a screen shot, imported it into Zoodle Comic and I added the two characters and the dialogue balloons, saved it and imported it into this blog.

I picture a series of these that I might use in a stop motion animation or put them into a video and record voices over the text.

Once I've done it, I figure I can show it to my students so they know what I'm am asking them to do.  Then they can select a project to complete and they have an idea of ways to complete the project.

The second one uses Desmos and SAS Gloss. I used Desmos to graph y = x^2 +1.  I snapped a screen shot, then imported it into SAS Gloss.  I added the text and the hand written notes to the picture.  At that point, I took another screen shot and voila.  I have an annotated graph I can use in a mini poster, a comic, a book or anything else.

Now that I know I can take screen shots and annotate them using SAS Gloss, I am wondering if I can do this with problems, etc.  So over the weekend I want to check out working on problems and showing their work with me or each other.