Saturday, May 23, 2015

New from Center for Algebraic Thinking

While looking up more information on Flabido and Action Grapher apps, I stumbled across a pdf filled with teaching guides and student worksheets for many of their apps.  I know that the Center for Algebraic Thinking is selling the information for $5.99 but I ran across the pdf file using a regular search engine.

They also have the student worksheets with the information  for  doing the activity and it tells  which app to use.

Each activity explains what to do, some require the student to record data and form conclusions based on the data.  While others ask the student to record their results and then asks what did they have trouble with on the level.  I like that these activities require the students to do analysis on what they are having trouble with and learn to verbalize their thoughts and problems. 

Since it is in pdf format, I can take what I need, upload it and the students can use the pdf file and then return it so I can grade their work.  This is a good way for students to develop literacy in mathematics.  I plan to check back regularly to see what new things they offer.  This pdf is new since I last checked their website.