Thursday, May 28, 2015

Common Core Nuggets: Quadratic Zeros

This app is another one in the common core nuggets series.  It specifically works on helping students factor quadratics to find zeros or start with the zeros to find the equation. The app has three parts, each focusing on a slightly different skill to meet the standard.

The directions are rather sketchy but with a bit of play, I figured out how to work each section.

The first section focuses on finding the zeros of a quadratic with a leading coefficient of 1.  The app gives you an equations such as f(x) = x^2 + 4x + 3. You are expected to factor it, set the factors equal to zero and find the zeros.  Then you move the green sliders around till they are on the proper numbers on the number line.  Hit the red show/next button to show where the actual graph is.  If you are correct, the green dots and the graph line up.  If not, you see where they are they should be.

The second section focuses on finding the zeros of a quadratic equation with a leading coefficient of something other than 1. You follow the same process as in part 1 looking for the zeros, set the green dots and check.  If you are correct, the green dots match up with the graph.

The third part gives you the zeros and you figure out the equation that goes with the zeros.  You are expected to put in the values for a, b, c from the equation you calculated and if its right, the graph goes through the two points, if you are wrong, it just gives you the next two points.  It does not show you where the graph should be.

As I stated earlier, the directions on how to use the app were rather sparse but I used the play around with it until you figure it out.  Much like what I tell my kids when I can't answer a question on how to do something in an app. Overall I do like it and plan to use it.