Monday, April 6, 2015

Math Planet

iPhone Screenshot 1I stumbled across this free app,  Math Planet, when I was looking for free apps to use next year.  Although, this is labeled middle school but I think it could easily be used in a Pre-algebra or Algebra class who needs additional scaffolding.  It is a series of games that are set up so the student cannot move on unless they score a minimum number.  Each level is a game that tests something different.  Some activities would be quite easy for 8th and 9th graders but others do take a certain amount of skill.  There was a game that required me to put numbers on a number line in the correct order and in the correct location so I could drop bombs on the monster and the game gave an accuracy rating.  Apparently there are over 100 games in it.  I think I got as far as game 6 on level 1.  I was shooting asteroids at a certain angle.  I get points for managing to hit the asteroid. It was actually quite fun. 
Each skill that is tested is done as a game.  Student engagement will depend on the level of their understanding and ability for the skill but I think every student will find something they will enjoy.