Tuesday, April 7, 2015

change is good

A couple years ago when they asked me to write the pacing guide with the new state standards, I pretty much took what I was already teaching and took the standards that met what I was teaching.  After using the new standards for almost a year, I realized that I went about it incorrectly.  So this past weekend, I started creating the new pacing guides based on the standards themselves.  In other words, I am dividing the actual standards up into 5 different courses, create new pacing guides and there will be some overlap of topics but it will prepare the students for the new state assessment tool. 
Unfortunately, not all my students are ready to be in Pre-Algebra or Algebra I when they arrive in high school. 
What can be done about it?  I don't know.  I think one step towards accomplishing it is for the local elementary school to change math programs to one that meets the new standards better than the current program does. As an educator, it is hard to change your style, the way you do things, the way you teach.
Once the pacing guides are completed, I can create the units for the material and technology,  then set things up for a multiplayer classroom with levels, quests, etc.  The latest Mathematics teacher from NCTM has a great article on writing reading anticipatory activities which I have desperately needed.  I 've been stumbling along blind on trying to create my own but this gives me direction so I create more effective reading guides.