Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Barron's Painless Pre-algebra app and QV Prep lite.

I just put QV Prep Lite which  stands for quantitative and verbal for grades 3 to 10.  Although the verbal portion is for English, the quantitative ability is for math.  Each grade level  has 10 practice tests and each practice test has 3 to 5 questions and each question requires some thought, especially if it is someone who is not strong in word problems.  If the student misses the problem, a dialogue box pops up showing the correct way to do the problem before moving on.  I am going to have my students try the 3rd grade level.  They are high school students but most are classified as English Language Learners so I'm curious to see how they do.
I had a student try Barron's Painless Pre-Algebra App, the first  quiz.  In order to unlock the race game, he had to score 80% or better and he managed it on the second or third time.  The quiz had him answering signed problems such as -3 + 7 - (-3) -2 and there are four answers to choose from.  The young man enjoyed the racing game in which watermelons and wrenches were thrown out of the lead car while the second car worked on avoiding the objects.  I am also going to have my 9th graders work try both since we have really short periods tomorrow.  I will post their reactions.