Thursday, January 16, 2014

Geometry pad.

I am having fun having the kids explore this to help them learn more about transformations.  I started by having them practice creating reflections beginning with coordinate points.  They graph the points and then create the reflection.  I am using this as a way for students to discover the way reflection works.  Tomorrow, we are going to use the application to learn more about translations.  I know we can use it for rotation, but I just have to see if it can be used to help them discover dilation
On the other hand, I tried to figure out if any of my math apps offer the summation and didn't find it on either calc made easy free or free calc graph.  The my script calculator does not recognize the summation symbol.  So I need to do further investigation.
My seniors are really enjoying using the free graph calc to explore transformations of log base 10 and log base something else.  Even in Algebra II, I am using this app to help them learn to "read" the graph for real zeros, domain, range, y intercept etc for quadratics.  I've found over the years that my students need visual representation to help increase their learning.