Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mind-mapping and processes.

I need to start having my students create some sort of flow chart/mind map to show the steps involved in identifying the y intercept, x intercepts, vertex, max and min for Algebra II.  To show how to solve inequalities in Algebra I.  To create and apply ratios and proportions in Geometry.  I think a mind mapping application would be good for this as it would allow them to create a graphic organizer that would organize the material so that it is easy to understand the concepts.  I will be trying this tomorrow so we will see how it works.
I think I am also going to run an activity where I give out problems and they have to solve them on either a draw program or gloss. I find they get totally involved in the activity and discover time went by so fast. 
I will let you know how the mind mapping goes.