Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Too much to do and not enough time.

I am heading off to Response to Intervention (RTI) Training tomorrow.  I also got the paperwork filed so I can present at the statewide Technology in Education conference next month.  I am doing a one hour session on integrating the iPad into the High School Math classroom. So I've been trying to work out the details of using certain apps in the classroom.  That is one reason I've been working on getting my Exit Ticket app up and running.  I got the date corrected for a practice session but I think I forgot to unhide the ticket so I have to check on that.  I'm excited about this particular app if I can get it running.
I've also got to work out the fine nuances of Showbie and Edmodo so I'm ready for my presentation.  I found a couple apps I need to play with that will be fun to put talk about.  I am excited.  I am going to hopefully be back on come Monday and I hope to report back about a few new apps I'm looking at.