Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Showbie Update.

Yesterday, I got a class set up in Showbie to try out to see how well it worked.  I used my first period which has 8 students who are working on passing the state graduation test.  It was quite easy to set up the class and the first assignment.  This morning, I scanned a copy of a worksheet and sent it to myself via school e-mail.  Then I downloaded the pdf to my computer and uploaded it to Showbie as the assignment.  I had the students create a login without using their e-mails and then they used the code and were in to download the assignment. It was quick and easy.  Just before the bell rang, I had the students write on the worksheet and then erase their work.  It worked well.  Tomorrow, I have them write answers on the page and then turn in the work.  I will let you know how well it works.  I am excited about this app.
I found out the reason we are not using google in all forms at school is that they took certain filters off and our children can look at inappropriate pictures so we can't use google or google docs till further notice.