Monday, January 13, 2014


Due to reasons beyond my control, I cannot use google docs at school so I have to look into alternatives.  I could possibly use the wiki at school but the server is weird and the tech dept cannot get to it even with admin rights. When I ran across an app called Showbie, it sounded like something that would allow me to share files with my students and have them share files with me.  I had it downloaded and installed on the iPads
Today, I went online and set up a class.  I have a code that students can use to get into the class and download their first assignment.  Tomorrow morning, I"ll upload the file prior to school starting and try it out on one class.  Once they are done with the worksheet, I want to have them turn the worksheets in and I'll se how it goes. 
I know that there is dropbox for sharing documents but the tech dept is discouraging the use of it and google docs.  I am hoping to get Showbie up and working along with something called Exit Ticket. It appears to offer a way to monitor progress of students and keep records so I want to attempt integrating it into my classroom.  As always, I have so much I want to do and not enough time.