Thursday, January 30, 2014

QV lite

I had several of my classes today try the QV lite.  The QV is short for quantitative vocabulary and has the two sections. I had most of my ELL students try the grade 3 quantitative  and most of my students did ok but didn't get 100%. These ELL students are in 9 to 12th grades, so it didn't really surprise me.  The higher performing students in grades 11 and 12 tried the 9th grade tests and they struggled.  I suspect they would have even more trouble with the vocabulary part.
I know that I have to use different methods due to the majority of students being ELL.  I just bought a book called "The trouble with Math is English."  It addresses the issue of teaching math to ELL students and after a quick glance it looks like it will provide me with some really awesome ways to help my students.  I plan to read it and choose one or two methods to integrate into teaching.
I have decided to change my homework assignments.  Instead of more practice from the book, I am looking up complex tasks or performance tasks to assign. Research is indicating that having students do such problems will help improve their understanding of math.  I will hand out the homework assignments and post a digital copy in either Showbie, Schoology, Edmodo or the wiki but I think our school wiki is having issues.  I figure if a student has a digital device, they can download the appropriate app, do the work on the app and then submit it back to me.  Even with digital devices I have a few students who will loose both digital and hard copies.