Friday, April 18, 2014

QR Search and rescue

In the normal search and rescue you put equations on a paper with the answer to a different problem.  So when you calculate the answer, you go looking for the paper with the answer and then do the equation for that one and go find the next answer.  Usually my students end up trying to take shortcuts but if I put the equation in a QR code with the answer written next to it and a letter to identify which problem it was so they can write it on the paper, the kids cannot take the usual short cuts.  They can then take a picture of the finished work and send it all in to me or deposit it in a dropbox.  Next year I am going to figure out a way to have students send in work to me and for me to send them work to cut down on the paper.
I think I'm going to do the QR the final week of April.  I can report back on how it goes.
I can put the QR codes around the room so that students can get up and move.  It is also a way of helping them learn the process so as to become competent in Math.  This can also provide them with a safe way to learn the material.