Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Testing week

This is a testing week so I am not on as often.  I will be writing up real world problems to use in the future.
I saw an odd news article discussing the installation of a gourmet cupcake dispenser in NYC so people will be able to purchase cupcakes 24 hour a day.  What is interesting is that the company who is doing this has dispensers in several other cities.  What makes this machine different is that it has a 760 cupcake capacity which is larger than the other machines this company uses in other cities.  They will be charging $4.25 for each cupcake and you can purchase up to 4 cupcakes at a time. 
I need to do a bit of research to find the average price of a gourmet cupcake in NYC so we can do a price comparison.  The article did not say how many cupcakes they expect to sell but I can ask the following:
1.  If a several people used to machine to purchase 4 cupcakes on their way to work, how many people could buy cupcakes?
2.  If a cupcake cost $2.00 to produce, how much gross profit could the machine make?
3.  What percentage of the sale price is gross profit?
4. If the machine sells out of cupcakes every 6 hours, how many cupcakes would they sell in a 24 hour period?
More tomorrow.