Sunday, November 29, 2015

Digital Algebra Website.

Apple, Iphone, 6S, Plus, MobileI found a website with digital material for  21 different classes including Algebra.  Boundless offers quite a lot of free material for your math class.

First of all, Boundless created a text book for Algebra.  Each lesson begins with learning objectives, key points, vocabulary, and the actual lesson.  At the bottom of the page, you'll find several questions and there is the option available to create more. 

In addition, Boundless has a full set of quizzes that can easily be assigned to the students.  The website tells you how many quizzes for each chapter, the number of questions for each topic and the concepts being quizzed.  Its great that you can see the exact questions that are in each quiz.  The questions at the bottom of the reading are not the same as those in the quiz.

Furthermore, Boundless has created power point templates to accompany each  topic in the Algebra class.  Most of the power point presentations I checked were free and could be used, shared or edited according to what is needed by the teacher.

This site offers the teacher the opportunity to assign reading material and quizzes to the classes set up.  The downside is that they only offer Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics but there is an app students can use to access the material.  This is an interesting site worth additional exploration but I would use the materials to supplement my current program.