Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Intel Education

Technology, Mike, Micro Processor, PcA few years ago, I was at a STEM conference and I went to a workshop highlighting all the things that Intel Education had to offer for teachers.    So today, I decided to revisit the website to remind myself of what they offer.

Since I was last there, the chrome book has come out and is being used in classrooms but there are still resources that can be used.  I like resources.

First is the visual ranking tool which allows students to rank things.  In math, it can be used to have students put the steps in order to solve equations.  They can also order the reasons to match solving equations, order definitions to go with vocabulary words,  order examples of types of equations, figures, etc.

Second is the seeing reasoning tool which is another name for a mind map.  Mind maps are great for organizing material in a section such as the ways to prove congruence or similarity of triangles or polygons.

There is also a showing evidence tool that could easily be used to show where the math is used in the real world.  They state the way it is used and then show examples or proof to support their claims.  I think this is cool because too often we tell them or they briefly look it up on line and move on.  This tool would allow them to do more in depth searching so they have a much better idea.   For instance, the Fibonacci sequence is always found in nature but we need more specific examples and this tool would allow it to be done.

Some nice tools for Math.