Monday, November 16, 2015

Discovery Education.

Nautilus, Cephalopods, Sea, Holiday  The other day I was searching for something to use in class and I found out that Discovery Education offers some free teacher resources.  I checked out the ones on math and wow!

I checked out the lesson on Numbers in Nature.  The lesson is about the Fibonacci sequence and where it is found in Nature.  It comes complete with the objectives, materials, procedures, adaptations and discussion questions.  In addition, there are extensions, suggested readings, vocabulary and standards.  This is awesome.  Everything I need to properly teach a lesson. 

There are 213 activities, lessons, etc available to use.  Some of the activities are full lesson plans, some are vocabulary worksheets, some are other types of worksheets, and many are graphics you might use in a class.  So much and its all free.

Once you get to about page 5 of the activities, there begin to be brain booster activities which are designed to make the students think.  They are essentially performance tasks or logic tasks but the students really need to think about doing these.

There are enough brain booster activities to do once a week for a full semester at least and possibly longer.  I plan to integrate many of these into my classroom.  Its another way to have students learn different ways of attacking math problems.

Discovery Education are the people who supply digital textbooks, streaming videos, professional development and other things most districts have need of.  It is cool they are offering so much for free.