Thursday, November 19, 2015

Upcoming Short Week

Turkey, Food, Thanksgiving, Dinner Since next week is only three days long and the kids are going to be rather excitable, I'm going to assign a project for the three days.  It'll be a short project so they should be able to complete the assignment.

Next week, I plan to have the students create a set of posters, comic strips or a video to explain the material they've learned during class.  This is a way to provide them with a review for the upcoming test but it will be done in a way that is not going to make them drift away.

In Algebra II, they will create something on the three ways to solve systems of equations.  Since they can be solved with graphing, substitution and elimination, they could easily create one poster for each method.  They would also need a poster to discuss the three possible answers.

In Geometry, they've been studying similar triangles, bisectors, medians and altitudes.  This could be done in a couple of comic strips made on the ipads.   They could also easily create a video or posters.

I'm hoping  to offer 3 to 5 different short projects so students feel as if they have a choice.  Wait!  This is a perfect spot to sneak in a menu giving choices and the amount each choice is worth.  I've been trying to figure out how to use menus and this is the perfect place.  Yeah!!!

 The only down thing is that my iPads are all shared and I have to make sure that the students sharing the iPads do not delete each other's work.  I have to assign iPads to students for each class and that way if anyone complains, I can track down who is responsible. 

I'd really prefer my students have  their own iPads but we aren't so lucky so we'll have to make do.