Friday, November 27, 2015

Other Uses For Comic Programs.

The following information is from two students who came up with slightly different uses of two programs.
Comic Maker HD  is set up to create comic strips using so many different backgrounds, characters and speech bubbles but one of my students used it to make a comic book with lots of information of on linear equations.  I made a short examples on how triangles are used in real life and its only four frames long but it gives you an idea of how it might be used.  I tried to type text without the speech bubbles but haven't figured it out yet.  There might be a way but I haven't played with it enough.

Zoodle Comics is another app that is designed to create comic strips but one of my students used it as a way of showing how bisectors, medians and altitudes are used in real life.  Rather than using the characters provided by the program, she just imported pictures and typed information on each frame.  I created one using the same pictures from Comic Maker HD.  This program allows me to type in text and put it anywhere.

In addition, I didn't have to put the frames into a comic strip.  I could have used each frame as a poster instead because the program saves each frame separately in photos and does not put the frames together until you preview it and save as a whole comic strip.

For creating actual comic strips, Comic Maker HD is better but for creating the individual frames, Zoodle comics is better.  In fact, you can create all the frames you want in Zoodle and then import into Comic Maker HD to get the typing exactly where you want. 

Just wanted to share a couple things my students were doing in class with everyone.