Friday, November 13, 2015

Evaluations, Math and Students

Rating, Stars, Chart, Poor, PerformanceEvaluations in most states are changing.  The state I live in has changed to the point that beginning next year all students will have learning objectives and I have to decide how many I am going to choose to be looked at for improvement.

Do I choose a few who are already showing improvement in their behavior so I'm not sending them to the office as often?  Do I select students who are working on improving attendance?  What about those for showing improvement in knowledge of materials?

In addition, I have to also present artifacts to show improvement and show that I"m a good teacher.  Do I talk about all the ways I integrate technology in my classes?  Do I talk about the projects I have students do using technology?  Do I just list the apps we use on the iPad?

Since I work with a student population that is 85% English Language Learners (ELL), do I include all the things that require language such as writing their own word problems, writing equations into words or words into equations?  Do I show their performance tasks for math to show improvement of language skills and understanding of applying math to the task itself?

Beginning next year, 20 % of my evaluation will be based on student improvement.  The problem is to get an exemplary, 85% of the students have to show improvement.  85% but is that of all the students, some of them?  What?

Since its a brand new system we've never used before, I volunteered to let the principal practice on me and the thoughts from above all came out during our discussion.  We just don't know and we aren't sure.  We will see where it all goes.  I"m off to dinner.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.