Sunday, November 8, 2015

Did You Know?

Film, Projector, Movie Projector, CinemaDid you know that the PBS site offers videos for teachers?  I didn't till I ran across an entry about a new app by PBS for students.  Its actually under PBS Learning Media.  I did a search for grades 7 to 12 for Math videos and over 1400 came up.  1400 videos!  The first page had 21 videos covering quite a few topics.

Some of the topics I found included music, ratios and frequencies, or fencing and distance as a variable, or how a physical trainer uses math, stage blocking, props, and graphing, or translation, rotation and reflection in dance.  Math in everyday applications that make it easier for students to relate.

Some of the resources are complete lessons with resources, etc.  Some are a video clip that comes complete with an activity guide,  student worksheets and you can download the clip.  The activity guide includes learning outcomes, common core standards, vocabulary, student activity and directions.  Everything you need to conduct a lesson.

This looks like the type of learning resource that could be partially completed as a flipped lesson.  The students could watch the video outside of school and have a reading guide to go with it and a few questions that require they watch the video to answer.  This type of lesson would also be great for those days I have to do other things at school and I need a sub because it comes with everything already written out. 

I downloaded the PBS Video and the PBS Student apps to play with so I can see what those offer and determine if they are easily integrated into the classroom.  I am having fun exploring these resources.