Thursday, November 12, 2015

It Works!

  The app I chose to put on the ipads for graphing is good but its got some problems and the tech dept is not putting on anymore apps until they figure out configurator 2 works.  Since the app did no work on over half my ipads, I got frustrated so I sent the kids to Desmos because I didn't know where else to send them.

Miracles of  miracles, Desmos worked on the iPads.  They typed in the URL, went to the page, touched the Launch calculator button and voila, it came up!  The calculator works exactly the same way as the app does so the students do not have to rewrite the equations into slope intercept form and it graphs the x = lines.  The web page even has the sample graphs the app has.

I wrote about the teachers page a while ago but today I explored the regular page.  There are some great examples of art created using the Desmos grapher.  I saw Jerry from Tom and Jerry that was created using conic equations and came complete with the actual graphing instructions to the side.  They have so many cool drawings.

In addition there are recent graphs and math examples so either students or teachers can utilize both to increase understanding and knowledge. It looks like there are about 100 examples and an equal number of graphs.  Every graph is accompanied by the equations and that is soooo cool.

Have fun exploring but as I said the best thing is that the web based graph works on my iPads.  Yeah!