Thursday, November 5, 2015

Green Screens etc.

Cinema, Film, Movie, EntertainmentYesterday, I took time out from the presentations to visit the digital media room.  They offered information on using the ipad, regular camera and video equipment, green screen and I got to view some really awesome video productions.  The local PBS station works with media and schools to provide mentoring for students.

I overheard one of the guys talking to an art teacher about how to use videos in her classes.  He suggested that one student interview another one about his or her work, the feelings it evoked, thoughts on how it came out, etc.  I realized that I could use this type of format for a video project so students could "interview" mathematicians they've  researched.  Students would have to research, write the script, and make the video.

Another idea came while I was talking to the folks with the green screens.  Why not create mathematical newscasts in the vein of "War of the Worlds" meets "The Body Snatchers" where geometric shapes are invading the world and taking over buildings, etc.  Or a newscast on the angles used in shooting pool, explaining slope in the real world.   There are lots of mathematical subjects a student can incorporate into a video.

One of the speakers said that over the next 4 to 7 years colleges are going to require digital portfolios as part of the application process.  If this is true, we have to look at ways a student can create digital portfolios that show their understanding in many ways.  A portfolio filled with completed worksheets doesn't show much but a portfolio filled with authentic work via posters, infographics, etc does provide a better view of what the students has done.

This same presenter recommended a free app for creating infographics.  I'll play with that app tonight and give a report on it tomorrow.