Saturday, February 27, 2016

11 + Maths Volume 1 Lite

 The other day, I stumbled across 11 + Maths - Volume 1 lite.  This app is designed more to test student knowledge rather than teach the material. 

This app provides practice in 7 different topics.  Each topic has multiple subtopics but the free version only allows access to the first two subtopics. 

I check out Algebra and played with the first sub topic on expressions.  The problems were expressions written so you had to select the correct numerical equivalence from a choice of four possibilities.  This particular topic had 50 problems.

It was easy to leave the topic when I wanted to and I could have the completed questions graded.  What is nice is if you return to the quiz, you have to start all over again.

Once you leave the quiz, this screen pops up telling you exactly which questions you got correct, incorrect, or never took.  If you miss a question, you can click on it and see your answer versus the correct answer so you can review the material.

Once of the nicest things about this app is that the questions are not in the same order if you retake the test. 

There is the option of taking a test with all types of questions mixed together.  You should be aware - this app appears to be from the UK so many of the word problems have a British slant.

I would consider this app for my classroom mostly because it is multiple choice and it will give my students a chance to practice those types of questions in preparation for state wide testing, ACT, SAT, WorkKeys and other standardized tests.

I do like it because you get quite a few practice questions for the subtopics you have access to.  The questions are in a different order every time you take it, and you can see which problems you missed and what the answers should have been.  This means students can study the questions to help them improve.