Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More Math Jeopardy Games

Wooden Sign, Game, Rustic, Weathered  I love using jeopardy games as both review and practice but I don't always have the time to create one for each mathematical topic.  I prefer to use the computer geeks way of "borrowing" already created material.

The internet has made this easier because of how many people post completed material to share.  So a simple search helped find some that I can instantly use in my classroom.

1. Math-play has 15 different interactive jeopardy games ready to play.  These games cover topics such as the Pythagorean Theorem, fractions, decimals and percents, exponents, integers and several more basic topics needed by students in Pre-Algebra.

This website at Avon High School has three algebra I games. The three games cover quadratics, solving equations, inequalities, and formulas, and simplifying expressions, evaluating expressions and mathematical properties.  These are actually downloadable power point files to use for the jeopardy games.

Mathbits also has two nice Algebra I reviews for the whole year.  It can easily be played online and advertises itself to be iPad compatable.  Some of the topics include solving equations, functions, and graphing in part one while quadratics, inequalities and systems can be found in part two.  Both are ready to do and easy to access.

Mathbits also has a jeopardy review for Algebra II.  the Algebra II has two different games.  Part one covers trig, quadratics and three other topics while part two includes inequalities, complex numbers and logs plus two other topics.  This one can be used on the iPad and has some really good questions.

I've also found you can type in a topic to find a specific jeopardy game.  For instance, I typed in radical jeopardy games and found two power points ready to download plus several others.  I found a simplifying radicals game which I may use in my Algebra I class tomorrow as a review before I start teaching multiplication of radicals.

I love "borrowing" games as it saves me time.  Enjoy.