Thursday, February 25, 2016

Real World Applications of Matrices

Binary, 1, 0, Computer, Code, Zero, Data  I am extremely good at the theoretical part of math. I can look at the general equation and figure out how to plug numbers in and complete the calculations but I'm not so good at what in real life can be turned in to matrices.  So today's search was for real life applications of matrices.

1. Math Warehouse which had a lovely discussion on turning tables in to matrices.  It gives examples and then has the students try it themselves. 

2. Edurite discusses real life uses of matrices from physics to geology to computer science to gross national product.  Even why matrices are great for producing 3D in a 2D environment.  I learned something new just reading the material here.

3. You Tube has a great 2:35 video where two students show how matrices are used in real life.  Its got a early cinema feel with some cute drawings.  The sound is a bit weak but its very creative and well done.

4. This Prezi presentation rocks in the way it connects matrices with real life.  I never thought about matrices and groceries.  I had never thought they were connected but they are! This presentation even shows matrix math being used with the real life situations.  That is cool.

5. Finally is a transcript with diagrams on using matrices in real life.  It has everything you need to use it in class and its from Western Kentucky University.  I love some of the examples because the narrator states that some of the examples are contrived but is still used.  This transcript is for episode 13.  The free podcast can be downloaded and used in the classroom while you as the teacher use the transcript.

I am bookmarking all of these for the next time I teach matrices in my upper level math classes.  I really like being able to give some real life examples because most math books are set up so students seldom see the relationship to real life.  Yeah!