Monday, February 15, 2016

Cartesian Cartoons

Background, Grid, Pattern, Texture  I was actually looking for one thing and stumbled across this web site instead.  Its called Cartesian Cartoons and is filled with great graphing activities.

All the graphing activities are free and are geared for Pre-Algebra and Algebra classes.  These actually require the student to plot points to create a cartoon image which can be colored in later on to make a hang-able picture.

There are three different sections of graphs available.

1.  Graphs that require only the first quadrant.  The suggested ages for this group is the 3rd to 5th graders.  I suspect these could also be used for low performing students who need extra practice in learning to graph.  Some of the pictures when finished are  bugs, snails, animals and ice cream.  Each of these can easily be colored in when finished.

2.  This group has a variety of tongue in cheek humorous puzzles such as a dinosaur who needs to loose weight, a rocket, a duck and about 32 more puzzles students can have fun with.  These puzzles use all four quadrants of the Cartesian coordinate systems. Check out the titles including Granny's cell and you'll love them.

3.  The last group is the themed one.  You can find puzzles for the first day of school, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day, and a variety of others.  There is a Valentines one I enjoy that is about loving math.  yeah. 

This site is designed to make graphing fun by having students create these drawings.  In a sense its like those old paint by number kits that my mother tried.  If you follow the numbers correctly, you have a beautiful creation when finished.

The other thing about this site is that you can download either numbered graph paper or unnumbered graph paper to use with your students.  In addition, if you create a cartoon, you can share it with this site.  The material is protected and only to be used by the teacher in the classroom or by home schools.  It cannot be reproduced anywhere else.

So if you are looking for fun graphing activities, check this site out.