Friday, February 5, 2016

My Favorite Program/App.

Slide, Filmstrip, Dreams, Presentation  I have one app, I use all the time when I need something.  I use it for making recordings, animation, posters, videos, and anything else I can think of.  I can create a multi slide presentation or use just one slide.  What is this elixir of presentations?

It is keynote.   I absolutely adore Keynote because it does all those things and more.  I can do so much with it for my math class.

1.  Using My Script Math pad, I can create any and all math equations and then send them to dropbox or google and then bring it into keynote.  This is an app for my iPad that allows me to use my finger to write equations and it automatically turns the handwriting into text.  It is beautiful and so easy to use.

2.  Keynote itself allows me to create animated slides so I can show movement of numbers or of shapes. I made an animated slide showing congruence explained through translations.  I've put sound to it and it was cool.

3. I've imported short stop motion animation of nets that change from flat 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional shapes.

4.  I've imported pictures and put text onto the picture to make a poster with math terms.  I had fun exploring it.

5.  I can show how to solve equation step by step using bullets and special effects.

This is only a short list of what I can do with Keynote.  I'm using a different computer right now but I'm hoping to post an entry with examples of all of these things plus more.