Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Math Bits

Owl, Animal, Bird, Computer, Funny  I found a nice little site today.  Its called Math Bits notebook (online study notebook) and it is set up as a wonderful digital notebook. Please be aware that all materials are copyrighted and may not be reposted to the internet and is not considered "Fair Use" for educators.

In addition, the material contained in this site go with common core standards.   The site contains material for Algebra, Geometry (90% complete) and some Algebra II. Although the material is set to go with New York State requirements, it is usable anywhere that uses common core. 

When you click on the topic, you go to a clickable table of contents which is referred to as the outline with topics and subtopics.  When you click on the topic, you are taken to another clickable list of lessons, practice, and refreshers.  The practice page has multiple choice questions.  If a student chooses the wrong answer, there is a popup box stating it is incorrect but it does not state why.  They get a popup box if they are correct too.

The lesson are short  at one page but there are lots of examples to check out.  The refresher is actually a reteach with examples or a short quiz that gives immediate feedback.  It is a way to review previous skills.

In addition, there are sister sites for all three topics.  The sister sites provide teacher resources to accompany the notebook but does require a subscription to access all the materials.  There are a few that are free so the instructor gets a taste of the activities and materials available but the majority require the subscription.  The subscription also allows you to access all answer keys, worksheets, activities, puzzles, etc and any new materials.

Both Algebra I  and Geometry have over 600 resources and Algebra II has over 500 resources available to accompany each digital notebook.  The cost is about $40.00 per year for a single subscription and I don't know if you can get a discount if you want all three subscriptions.  You'd have to contact them.

I can honestly say, I like this website as the notebooks are already created and ready to go.  I am thinking about using this to help students learn because I am heading into the testing time of the year and it might make things a bit easier so students can catch up if they are out of the room due to testing or sports.  They can access this if they are out as long as they have internet access.