Saturday, February 20, 2016

Teaching Literacy in The Math Classroom

Chalkboard, Math Problem, Blackboard  Today I went to a workshop on increasing literacy in the math classroom.  There was one activity in the whole time that made an impression on me.  My school is slowly moving towards using google in a variety of ways.  The first step was simply moving our mail to gmail but we haven't done much more........Yet!

The coolest thing was the use of google docs as a live written discussion board.  I enjoyed watching people type answers to a question on the page at the same time.  So I looked at 10 ways to use literacy to help foster a deeper understanding of math.

1. Have students present problems on the board showing how they did a problem.  They explain how they solved the problem, their thought process, etc.

2. Have students write down how they solved a problem.

3.  Have students choose one problem they missed and explain what the mistake was.

4.  Have students make quizzes for each other.

5. Have students write down how they would explain a concept to a friend.

6.  Have students tell each other how they solved a problem.

7. Use exit slips to gauge understanding.

8. Require students to take notes

9. Let students help each other solve problems

10. Moderate an online discussion.

Many of these activities can easily be done either with pen and paper or digitally.  There are also LMS that would allow you to hold the discussions.