Thursday, February 4, 2016

Digital Interactive Notebooks

Diary, School, Office, Education  Right now, I'm trying to use interactive notebooks using composition books.  They are nice but they also take quite a bit of space and the kids don't always keep up.  Since we have iPads in the classrooms, I need to learn how to create digital notebooks.

One article recommends using Book Creator because it allows a person to add audio, video, images and text to create an interactive notebook.  Although there is a free version of Book Creator, it only allows one book to be created.  If you have one to one iPads, that works but if you have a shared set of classroom iPads, you might want to buy the app so multiple books can be produced.

The same article suggested using Google with power point, keynote or google slide. Google allows you to set up a template so all the students have to do is fill in the appropriate information.  This article gives more information on doing it and has some nice information on creating interactive math notebooks using Ever Note.

This site starts with producing the material on the laptops before moving it to Book Creator.  They recommend using KeyNote to produce the slides complete with color and everything you want.  Once the slides are done, you move the material into Book Creator.  The instructions are really quite nice.

Finally, I looked at Holtthink for additional information on digital interactive notebooks.  This article looks at the typical hand written notebook and then provides step by step instructions for creating the notebook on iPads.  I like the over all picture it provides. 

Now off to figure out how to do it myself so I can start doing it in class.