Monday, February 22, 2016

Algebra Attack

Algebra Attack is an app with both a lite and full versions ($0.99).  I downloaded the free version which differs from many other lite versions in that it offers several practice sections for each topic.

The sections are not all the first one or two, but could be the fourth or seventh section so you have a good selection of practice problems.

The starting algebra section has four subsections that have students find the missing number using a question mark rather than a variable.  This has students look at the equations and mentally figure out the number.

There is a opaque screen which allows the students to see the problem while working it out on the screen.  Once the problem is solved, the student taps in the green print area to bring up the answer box which always has a question mark in it.  To input the answer, the green button is touched and a number matrix appears so the student selects the correct number and it appears.

If the answer is correct, everything stays green as the correct answer is shown, if its wrong, the correct answer appears and everything turns red indicating it is wrong.

This app provides immediate feedback so a student knows exactly how they did.  In addition, when each section is completed, the program shows the questions worked, the correct answer and if the questions were correctly done.  Its basically a report the student can check out.

If they retake the section, there are different questions so a person cannot just write down the answers and retake the questions to get a

This app is set up so students see the number they entered and the correct answer.  I purposely made a mistake so you can see how it shows your answer and the correct answer so you can compare.

This app takes students through a variety of problems from introductory algebraic problems up to working with radicals and functions, quadratics and systems of equations. 

This particular app could easily be used with Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and a review for Algebra II.  Even at full price, it has so much material, it is well worth it.