Friday, February 12, 2016

More On Teaching Radicals

Sport, Skateboard, Fly, Radical, Skater   I am always on the look out for ideas when teaching material.  I ended up at the Math = Love site.  Its actually a unit for radicals and I like the way she reviews primes and composite numbers first before anything else. 

I admit, I've never thought to review this topic because I keep assuming that students will remember this from the last time they had it.  I should know better but it all boils down to "What do I have time to teach?"  I think it would help the unit run smoother if I did this.

She also has a lovely exercise to help students learn more about the parts of a radical. In addition, I like the way she has students prime factor everything on the side and look for groupings that match the index.  Its the same way that PUMAS at NASA recommends teaching it this way so people learn in 5 minutes.  She has all the templates needed that can be downloaded.

Another site I found has a lovely card game for simplifying radicals.  Its modified from another game found on the internet.  The site includes a video showing how the game is played and the author talks about how she would modify it for the next time.

Learn NC has a nice little activity that uses real life examples whose formulas use radicals.  It shows the formula and defines the variables.  In addition there is a real life problem that uses the formula and there is an answer sheet.

I even found a mad minute activity for helping students learn to simplify radicals more easily.  It comes with everything you need.

While looking for ideas, I found a really awesome activity that is easy to implement without tons of preparation or money.  It can be used for a variety of mathematical topics.  I'll be talking about it tomorrow.