Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Do Comics have a place in Math?

As I was typing the title, I realized that the set of textbooks that I have for the classroom actually came with comic books or graphic novels.  So I was thinking that I could download a few different comic apps for my iPads and then do one of two things.
1.  Have students research real life applications of the topic we are studying and create a comic or animation showing how the  topic is used.  An example might be population growth using that deer study years ago where they eliminated the predator and the population grew to being larger than the land could support.
2.  Create a comic explaining the topic so they are teaching whoever is reading their product. Much along the idea of peer tutoring.
I think I am going to try this shortly.  I've run into two or three free apps that I will download and let the kids try the different apps to see which one they like best.  I have a manga book of linear algebra so I know this is possible.