Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Notes for an upcoming test.

I love it when students take notes on the iPad for upcoming tests but then I have to wrestle with the issue of giving students access to those digitized notes.  I fear some will use the opportunity to go onto Safari and search out the answer.  I am still working on balancing using the calculator, graphing calculator, digital notes, mind maps, etc to help them on the upcoming test vs the old write down your notes.  I am trying the write down your notes on regular paper with requiring students to find certain information using their iPads to add to their written notes. 
Today, I had my geometry class use geometry pad to find out where various points of concurrency occur on triangles and incorporate the results in their notes.  Next time I give a test, I am going to have students do all the prep on the iPad and they can use the iPad on the test but not the actual test.
On Thursday, I am going to have the students take a practice test on-line so they can get immediate feedback on similar questions to those that will be on the test.  I am hoping this helps and it will be set up to show the answer if they missed it.
In many ways, having technology makes things a bit more complicated in balancing the use of technology with what they really need to know.  I don't know that I will ever be comfortable with my choices because I keep remembering some lyrics from a 60's song about the year 2525.  The line is something like "some machine is doing it for you."  We have apps that do so much that we used to do by hand and use our brains.