Friday, March 7, 2014

Found 2 websites

1.  I found Yummy Math which is a website with some real world examples of Math from places like Dunk'in Donuts, the Olympics, Mardi Gras, Pi day and that is just the first page.  I looked at the one on Dunk'in Donuts and it was looking at how many ways you can have your hot chocolate.  The story going with the info was really nice and it is set up as a more complex task that you can create with an extention if you want to have the students look at nutrients when considering which drink to order.
2. The other site is 101 questions by Dan Meyer.  He has a bunch of pictures which all ask the student to come up with a question.  You can also download pictures to use in class.  I could have the kids come up with a mathematical question for each picture.