Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More thoughts on comics and other things.

I spoke to some of my students today about creating comics that would cover a specific math topic and they love the idea.  I have been looking at various apps but I think I am going to have the tech dept get me comic life because I think it is the best app for what I want the kids to do but I may have a couple others downloaded so the students have some choice and feel some ownership in the process.  Besides, I have several kids who are artistically inclined and likely to really enjoy doing that.
I am exploring a website called Learn Zillion that has math videos that I am going to try integrating into my classroom and the kids only need the code to go watch the video.  This is cool because youtube is not allowed at school and I have to find other sources.  This is a good possibility and they have a nice app that I can put on the iPads.